Climate Solutions: Less is More?

In the last couple of weeks, everyone’s been tweeting about Biden’s new: Build Back Better - where infrastructure developments are a major solution proffered for disaster resilience and mitigation. Most climate change solutions are similar, in that, they advocate ‘add-ons’ to existing infrastructure. Yet what if climate change could be tackled by removing what isn’t working first? After all, LESS IS MORE could well apply to our urban infrastructure?

For instance, could we reduce concrete pavements in urban areas to promote percolation, and mitigate flooding? Instead of trying to control the sea water levels and energy with sea walls/cement tetrapods, could we create soft, sandy and vegetation embankments? Could we decommission dams that are not running at capacity and allow the river to flow freely?

I tend to agree.

  • Instead of controlling natural growth, just letting nature be will probably yield better outcomes in the long run

  • Though given the current state, we will probably need a combination of both, ‘add-ons’ and ‘less is more’ strategy