Community mapping of AQI

I have read about the problem of lack of data / reliable data in mapping air pollution-related problems in third-tier cities and villages. Can we make use of the community mapping idea to create a dashboard where on-ground data from AQI devices installed in houses, community centers, moving vehicles like cab/buses, etc can be used?

Will such an initiative be enough to bridge the data gap?

A lot of people & organisations have been trying to do this but all of it comes down to the reliability & standardisation of data. Every new project comes up with a dashboard, protocol, backend & sensors with minimum interoperability. There is no standard network to connect to or adhere to. This silo approach fragments the problem further.

A lot of these projects are backend by non-profits & composed of low cost sensors which deviate out of calibration after initial couple of months of use. Once the funds run out, it all become legacy & unmaintained.

As far as the data is concerned, apart from a PR exercise, it all becomes a mirage as it’s not widely accepted academically for any research project because of lack of reliability in the system.

Thanks for the clarification, it makes a lot of sense. Reliability and precision are everything when it comes to AQI Data.
I believe more work should happen on how can we make data available to local communities and probably non-profits can play an important role there.

Totally agree, more work is needed on the community front, but until an organisation spearheads the efforts & builds a consensus which is a massive undertaking in itself, It’s all gonna be an illusion!