COVID-19 Pandemic as Sixth mass extinction

Some researchers have observed COVID-19 Pandemic as an event of Sixth Mass Extinction. 76 % of species were lost during last mass extinction.
How adverse would be the impact of biodiversity loss this time?

Hmm, interesting question but seems very unlikely.

Firstly, it impacts humans for the most part. So, am not sure if there would be too much of biodiversity loss.

Secondly, I don’t think, factually speaking the Pathogen is bad enough to push humans to extinction. I wonder what the threshold is though?

could you please post the link referencing this too.

You are right. Humans are resilient enough.
But the research published in the PNAS journal claims that the biodiversity loss due to the ongoing sixth mass extinction will be permanent and it is largely due to anthropogenic interventions, unlike earlier mass extinction events. COVID-19 might not qualify as a “catastrophic alteration”, but perhaps is a result of it. My contention is that the Pandemic might exacerbate this process and is indirectly linked. There are a few points to consider in this regard:

  1. There were many reports of illegal wildlife trade increasing since the COVID-19 outbreak.
  2. Attention of policymakers and resources shifting to tackling the Covid crisis, setting the clock backward in terms of efforts to fight climate change, especially for developing countries( however slow paced they were)
  3. Sole focus of the government is to revive the economy and in that direction, many projects in environmentally sensitive regions have been put on the exemption list for EIA screening. This further adds to the problem.

Here are a few links for reference-