Electric two-wheelers in India

Why doesn’t India go gung-ho on electric bikes and scooters, specially given the high share of two-wheelers in Indian market?

Are there any NGOs or think-tanks or startups working on promoting electric scooters in India ?

Great thought!
Electric two-wheelers have the potential to revolutionize the bike and scooter industry. Considering the rising fuel prices and the very fact that we are exhausting the existing fosil-fuel deposit, these two-wheelers can be the best bet for a sustainable alternative.

The major reason behind these vehicles not being on the mainstream is that there is a big lack of an ecosystem for electric vehicles. There are no charging points like there are gas stations. To add to this, the maintenance cost is also on the higher side for E-scooters.

Although we have our very own start-up called Ather Energies all set to disrupt the industry with world-class innovation. You can read about them here

The ather scooters can go upto 80KMPH and they are equipped with so many cutting edge future proof technologies, and the company is now working on bridging the ecosystem gap.

Hope these homegrown startups will make the country carbon positive !!

Politics is reason for this