Equity on Equality!

The transition toward an effective climate response is needed to achieve the Paris agreement but the share for equal responsibility is what developing nations fear. Adaption before mitigations! How do you see it when it comes to equal responsibility?

This has been a source of contention for many and has slowed down progress towards climate action. While developed nations have undoubtedly had an unfair advantage for decades, this is also the time to come together in unison instead of playing the blame game. So, a win-win deal is a must to make real action happen. It’s fair for developing nations to seek more financial aid and help in R&D from their Western counterparts, but the allocation of that money should also be done swiftly and effectively. I. feel eradicating outdated and corrupt practices as well as shifting mindsets towards environmental protection will be key for India. On the other hand, Western countries should stop funding the fossil-fuel industry and carbon tax the rich who are some of the largest carbon emitters in the world. Ultimately, the future of this planet rests on human psychology - if we are to save this planet, we need to let go of our ego, fear, anger, and greed.