How far can you go with big data?

How do you think, data on air quality can help you and your neighborhood?As a citizen, identify three ways in which big data has made an impact so far in the air quality space.

As a citizen, these are some benefits I’ve seen:

  • One, quite standard benefit has been from the AQ data I get on phone. I check the AQ level quite regularly, helps in deciding when to exercise outdoors vs not

  • Drawing comparisons and understanding the causes. Data on rise in stubble burning coincides with rise in noxious air, the AQ data proves that.
    A less talked about comparison is thermal power plants and AQ- The clean skies Delhi experienced early lock-down coincided with most of the plants being shut around the city!

  • For my friends with Asthama, this data really impacts their day-to-day decisions.

Generally speaking though, more availability of AQ data has brought the issue to the forefront- all media houses for 3 months in the year talk about air pollution every day. I think access to big data has a role to play in these stories