Impact of Green Initiatives

Out of all the green initiatives, such as, electric cars, aviation biofuel, reforestation, removal of single use plastics, etc. which is likely to have the most amount of impact and why?

IMO any step which decarbonises the transportation and power sector will have the most impact. Together these two account for almost 50% of the carbon emissions of the world. And more importantly this will stamp out fossil fuel use for the most part.

Ofcourse petroleum is still needed for plastics and many other industries but as the covid lockdowns have shown, curbing tail-pipe emissions alone allows nature to start recovering.

It depends on the size, intensity, and the first principles of the initiative.

  • Size of Initiative : For instance, many initiatives say removal of single use plastic or electric cars, at the moment are SO SMALL, that in the larger scheme of things, it hardly matters.

  • First Principles : Something to highlight is that “green” initiatives encompass the entire world of climate change, environmental degradation, and sustainability. Again all interlinked but different. A reforestation effort by virtue of direct combination of environmental protection and carbon sequestration for instance is more direct, first principle. But to compare say a reforestation effort vs systematic change of global energy industry via say storage, and who will have more impact? Little apples to orange comparison

In short, its a complex roster, and no one or two initiatives can yield the kind of impact we need. Furthermore, it is a complex equation of geography, capital, manner, innovation that determines impact.

But definitely, green political movements so as to atleast put a full stop on current barrage of environmentally damaging projects like EIA 2020 or Indian Coal Block Auction 2020, or regressive fracking legislations in US, or mining in Australia

Followed by a huge shift in consumer behavior and consumer preferences. More minimalism, low meat diets, Smaller houses, Less dense population settlements, cycle based mobility, more changes in personal life, local farming/baking, low energy consumption : less air conditioner/ less heating, and generally a more more minimal life.

Summary : We have to redesign the world we live in and the way we live in it. Start from your morning to evening and you’d what changes will likely to have most impact.

Our beliefs, value systems, and philosophies about life and nature have a very crucial role to play. And initiatives that target directly at these can bring a significant change. Our personalities are defined and molded by our mental impressions or what we call samskar. So if a person has been taught or made aware of how their actions affect nature and why it is important to take care of nature then it will automatically positively influence their future actions.

  • I think we humans do infinite number of tasks throughout our lifetime. Like @Superwomxn also mentioned that our daily schedule, desires, habits all directly or indirectly affect the environment.

  • But there is a lot of confusion in what all we should do or not do or how to prioritize about how that particular action is important and also on how much damage can it cause to nature.

  • Like a person can pretend to be a proud environmentalist saying they live a minimalist lifestyle and save electricity. Let’s say they do 10 good things which make them environment friendly and 2 things that not. And there can be a possibility that those 2 things cause way more damage than the good done by those 10 things. So, they are more environmentally negative.

  • I think people who are building solutions and working to save the environment are more aware than those who are not. So making continuous efforts to increase awareness and influence among others can accelerate and exponentially increase the impact. We need to realize that we are the ones who are exploiting and polluting nature. We may represent different nations, organizations, cultures or groups, etc. So, by educating ourselves we can transform the whole chain.

Summary: If our core values are environment friendly then actions will also be.