Reducing our Individual ecological footprints

India is one of the most vulnerable country for Climate change in South Asia. It is not just the responsibility of government and NGOs to fight against climate change but it is the responsibility of individuals as well. I used to think that individual actions are too small to prevent global catastrophe but when I actually started making changes in my lifestyle I realized that small actions can create huge difference. Some of the changes I have made are as follow-

  1. Try to use as much as plastic alternatives at home and at work. For eg, I have switched to bamboo brush and comb, Cloth bags, Natural detergents and soaps etc.
  2. Less is more- I have reduced my wants. Before every purchase I asked myself whether the thing I am buying is my need or just a want?

These are some habits I am developing and I am searching for more such initiatives to fulfil the promise I made to mother earth.

Our actions also inspire others so lets create a community of people who are contributing to nature conservations through small actions and lets cheer up each other. If every individual is determined to reduce ecological footprints we can prevent the imminent threat of climate change.

What are you doing to reduce your ecological footprints?