Should brands be calling their products sustainable?

It’s great that people want to do their bit for the planet and consumers are starting to demand better. But in the age of consumerism, does it make sense to call anything sustainable, even if it is made in the most responsible way?

  • I think ‘sustainable’ should be related to usability- for how long do you use the item before discarding?
    If you buy a tshirt, ‘organic’, ‘vegan’, ‘sustainable’, wear it 2-3 times that’s not a sustainable purchase. If you buy a polyester tshirt, wear it 5-10 years, that can be a sustainable purchase.

  • Then comes quantity and need. How many tshirts do you already have in your closet? Do you really need another? The problem today is that there’s such a trend to accumulating items, if you buy a new ‘organic’ shirt every week, that’s not sustainable anymore and is just greenwashing.
    I have SO many clothes, I literally can’t convince myself to buying any more. It would be fun to gain some skills to repurpose clothes I already own, sewing for example. Have been towing with that idea recently

  • Generally speaking though, we really need to walk away from this narrative of ‘buying sustainable things’ to not buying unnecessarily and reusing things we already own.