The next global PANDEMIC!

Since the CoVID-19 pandemic, there have been several emerging debates asking whether the effects of Climate Change can result in the next big pandemic for humans.
What would be your views? Are we yet ready for this pandemic? If yes, how? And how far is this pandemic?

Climate Change is related to a higher incidence of disease. Not just in terms of new viruses coming up, but also more frequent outbreaks of already existing diseases.

Acc to WHO : Between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250 000 additional deaths per year, from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea and heat stress due to changes in climate, increased floods, erratic rainfall lengthen transmission of vector borne diseases

We are not nearly ready for pandemics, more disease outbreak or climate change.
The global response to Covid-19 has been a case in point, if health infrastructure has been inadequate- the infrastructure for climate response practically doesn’t exist. So double whammy :neutral_face:

The damage is so much greater, if we’re not prepared and don’t have the relevant real-time, high res information, data at hand to understand the problem, plan, build systems, have a focussed response.

Don’t know how far the next one is, but before that there are Covid-19 variants to deal with !

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