Transforming Mobility in India 2

Can India ever solve for vehicular pollution and oil dependency for mobility ?

Is it possible to structure a transport structure that relies less on private vehicles and has a higher mix of cycles, two wheelers, and buses in India ? Has there been any modelling done on what some of those improved mixes could look like ?

One of the reason behind increasing use of personalised vehicles is hostile conditions of public transportation and risk to pedestrians and cyclists. Models have been developed to overcome these challenges in Indian cities. One of the initiative is by NITI Ayog and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) collaborating together to build lighthouse cities: lab for conceiving, financing and testing mobility solutions that align with the government of India. The first city was Pune, Maharashtra where several steps were taken in order to bend the city mobility o more sustainable way.
For the details of the project and challenges and steps taken to resolve here is the paper published on the same.
Delhi was also added to the list, where EV mobility is being encouraged along with many bicycle stops all around the city under the Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020.