Welcome to Blue Sky Thinking

Blue Sky Thinking is an open-community learning, sharing and questioning to save the planet. We are building an open-community that aspires for a sustainable world and is engaging to make that a reality. Save the planet one question and answer at a time.

Why should you visit and engage on Blue Sky Thinking

  • Most discussions pertaining to the environment and climate change happen in closed groups or 1:1 fashion, making it difficult for newcomers to gain knowledge, ponder, wonder, argue, question, and answer.

  • In fact, for a topic as important as the environment and climate change, lack of open discussion forums is greatly inhibiting knowledge gain and transfer. So come here, engage with the community, who knows your one answer or questions may lead to big business or policy ideas somewhere or maybe just a simple lifestyle change by one individual.

What can I find here ?

Questions by people across the world to tap into your knowledge and analysis on all topics environment and climate change

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