What is carbon footprint and how it can be reduced?

What can we do to reduce the carbon footprint and how it is effecting the environment?

Carbon has always been there on earth. And it is essentially required for the carbon cycle. We or anything on Earth cannot survive without it. Basically, Carbon Footprint is about our usage of things, our daily activities that leave carbon behind in the environment. For eg: the source of our electricity, if it is from fossil fuel, then it is releasing huge amount of carbon which is becoming the major cause of climate change. Many other activities such as the food we eat, the vehicle in which we travel, the clothes that we wear, the paper we use. Literally everything has an impact to the carbon footprint! We should be conscious enough to choose our daily things to proceed with our activities. For more to know, here is the link to an interesting Ted Talk by Jackson Carpenter - https://youtu.be/63hAHbkzJG4